Top 10 Numerology Books

If you love numerology as I do, you will like this, because in this post I am going to summarize the top 10 numerology books that I think anyone who is into numerology should read.

These numerology books aim at transforming your life into reality based on your manifestations.

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Top 10 Numerology Books

Therefore, ordering these books will guarantee you the best guidelines and advice for your success in your life. Some of the top ten best numerology books include:

PROJECT 369: The Key to The Universe

This book is the revised and final edition of Project 369-The Key to The Universe. This book aims to let you understand that your reality is determined by how you create it.

When you are not inspired by your actions or your ideas, it will be difficult for you to fulfill your manifestation and get a reward in the end.

This journal further explains that you as a human being will never be limitless, this means that you are always capable of achieving anything you want according to your desire.

According to this book, anything you plan and nourish in your mind with repetition will always come to reality no matter how long it will take.

Furthermore, Project 369 book reveals how manifestations we make work. According to the book, Manifestations always work based on your personality and not your desires.

At the time you will be manifesting, your thoughts will always be transformed into reality. This journal also explains components that constitute the successes of your manifestations.

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Guided Tarot

According to this book, everyone always has gifts within them and the power that can help them unlock the gifts.

Steffanie Caponi, who is he is the author of this book further explains that unlocking your gives is the only way you can make your discoveries transformative.

She continues by stating that reading tarot cards when you are a beginner will help you interpret and know the meaning of the cards.

This will also help you listen to your heart and have trust in the intuitions you have. The Guided Tarot book also provides you with necessary exercises that can help your nature the intuition to make them grow successfully.

In addition, this book also features explained Celtic cross that can make beginners understand the spread easily.

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The Secret Language of Birthdays

This book has a unique collection that brings together numerology, astrology, and also psychic intuition. It is a book that clearly describes someone’s strengths and also weaknesses while offering spiritual advice and guidance.

According to this book, your strengths and weaknesses can only be removed when you seek practical advice or when you are given guided spiritually.

That explains why most birthdays usually affect people’s personalities. Therefore, when you examine your profile, you will find it easy for you to examine the profile of your friends, family members, or collogues.

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The Angel Numbers Book

This book provides an interpretation of messages from different spirits. This can help you in discovering the messages from your angels in an informative and enlightened way.

This book describes the reality of the meaning behind the angel of numbers. Therefore, reading this book will help you discover what your spirit guides and the universe is revealing to you.

Unlike tarot cards or horoscopes, the angel numbers will guide you in interpreting any message from the universe from your spiritual guides. It is easily accessible and provides an inspirational book for reference that you need to have.

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369 The Key to Your Dreamlife

369 The key to your dream life book provides you with a key to the dreams you have for your feature life. It provides you with powerful manifestations.

According to this book, the thoughts you have today will be manifested in your feature life. 369 books will also help you achieve your needs especially when you are looking for love, success in your carrier or project, and also weight loss.

Furthermore, this journal helps you understand your manifestations and how you can fulfill them in your feature life.

Therefore, these 369 books will help you achieve all your project and manifestations according to your desire.

This manifestation book also features a crash course that will guide you on everything you may require for you to perfectly align with your spirit guides and the universe according to your desire.

In addition, the book reveals that you cannot have a limit on your manifestation. This shows that you can have as many manifestations as possible in life and possibly achieve them in your feature life to make you become what you thought before.

The manifestations can range from happiness, success, money, and many others. Furthermore, 369 journal states that you will always have your life within your hands.

It gives you opportunities you can use to practice every dream you have to enable you to manifest your dreams.

It may take you time to understand how to focus on your positive dreams for you to have the mindset to build your reality.

The Secret Language of Birthdays

In most cases, a birthday always affects many people’s personalities, especially how they relate to other people.

This book named the Secret Language of Birthdays motivates the readers on how they can overcome such effects.

The book describes some of the characteristics that are encountered when you are born. The book is based on numerology, astrology, the tarot, and many others.

According to The Secret Language of the birthday book, your weakness and strength can only be managed when you are advised practically with some spiritual guidance.

Therefore, you need to examine your profile which will also enable you to examine the friends of other people such as your friend and collogues. This will guide them in dealing with the effects of birthdays on personalities.


A Beginners Guide to Numerology

Beginners Guide to Numerology is an easy and quick book to read which makes it perfect for people that are not familiar with Numerology.

According to this book, everyone is always surrounded by different numbers beginning from their date of birth.

All these numbers which include the dates of birth always hold some hidden meaning and also some significant spiritual meaning.

Therefore, understanding numerology will help you handle all of these numbers. This Numerology book will assist you in decoding all the numbers you have in your entire life.

In addition, this book is simple as it will only require you to add and subtract simple numbers therefore you will not have to worry about learning math that has complex methodologies.

It will be easy for you to calculate the core profile so long as you have with you have your date of birth and your name.

Reading this book will also help you learn how you can improve your life. This is due to the knowledge you will get from reading this book that helps you learn how to solve numerical values. Therefore, order this book to help you have most of the opportunities in your life.


The Secret Language of Birthdays

According to this book “a day is a year a lifetime is an age”. It provides you with the best principles of astrology, personality, and psychology.

All these principles help you come up with new ideas, concepts, and also actions you may use to overcome the fates you encounter when you are born on a particular day.

This is made possible by researching the characteristics and behavior of people born on the same day.

Therefore, order this book to help you learn all the principles and how they can help you correlate all the ideas you have concerning the characteristics of people born on the same day.

The power of Birthdays, Star and Numbers

This book is accessible and addictive providing you with the best method to synthesize many of the secrets that are encountered in numerology and astrology.

Reading this book will also guide you on self-awareness and also psychological insight. This book also features fixed stars that will help you understand your fixed primary star and also the stars that influence most of your charts.

Furthermore, this book also helps you understand the basic nine numbers that will make it easy for you to calculate your number that is holistic to perfectly reveal the purpose of your life.

Therefore, order this Power of Birthday book to help you experience the power of your birthdays, numbers, and Stars.


The Life You Were Born to Live

This book is delighted to offer you the best method of overcoming insights as it focuses on ancient wisdom. This will help you determine the meaning, direction, and purpose of your life.

It is also the best book that reveals both the challenges and strengths that people pass through in their life, especially in health, sexuality, and money.

The book also reveals the spiritual laws that are key in solving different hurdles you encounter in your lifetime.

In addition, it offers you a perfect dynamic that is hidden for your relationships to be successful. You can also find some guidelines n how you can find a consistent livelihood focusing on your abilities and drives.

Above all, this book can also reveal to you how you can live with a 9-year life cycle in harmony. Therefore, you can order this book to help you discover the type of life you should live.



These numerology books are addictive when you read and provide you with the best knowledge on how you can fulfill your manifestations.

In addition, the books also help you acquire knowledge on how you can calculate the basic numbers to determine the number that will reveal the purpose of your lifetime.

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