What is Numerology?

Have you ever heard of the word Numerology? Are there some numbers that you regularly see in your lives? Sometimes we tend to see a similar number in our lives.

You can be drawn to particular numbers, and you could be wondering what they mean anyway. Every number that you frequently see in your life has a significant meaning.

You should pay more attention to it to get the real meaning. Here, you will learn a lot about Numerology and how it works in your life.

What is numerology

Numerology involves the study of different numbers in different aspects of your life. With Numerology, you can learn more about different people and other information about the world.

Other people view Numerology as a unique language of numbers. Most people see Numerology as something complex since there is a wide range of types of Numerology, therefore, getting you confused about where you can start.

Astrology has similar aspects to Numerology. Therefore, if you are aware of astrology, Numerology will be easier for you.

It uses the idea that the world is a vast system that, when broken down, some essential elements are numbers. These numbers help us understand ourselves and the world in different aspects.

A well-experienced numerologist can take different elements of a person and break them into other meaningful numbers using different methods.

With this, you can know insights into your personality traits and purpose by calculating your life path number, heart desires, etc.

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What is Numerology, and how does it work

Numerology works uniquely, and most people think it is such a complex and complicated process to know accurate and detailed readings.

Therefore, it requires a master numerologist to give you precise meaning. You can quickly come up with your life path number, personality, expression, and soul urge; however, you need to interpret them correctly.

So with a numerology forecast, you can discover various insights about an individual. You need to figure out the core number and solve them correctly.

For to get these numbers, you use a broad range of information. This could be your date of birth, your name, and perform a specific calculation.

At long last, you will get single-digit numbers with unique meanings. It is believed that numbers are building blocks of the world.

Whenever you examine these numbers, you can easily find more information about yourself and what destiny has in store for you.

Therefore, the numerologist needs to perform calculations and develop core numbers. These calculations usually depend on the length and style of the reading.

However, it will involve birth date, life path, destiny number, and many more. Numerologists can come up with these numbers with information such as your name and birth date.

They will then use the numerology calculator or calculate by hand before they can interpret the numbers for you.

What is the purpose of Numerology?

Numerology acts as a guidance system in our lives. It helps us to change our perspective about different things in our lives.

You will start to see different patterns and connections of numbers. For example, when you understand a life path entirely, you tend to discover yourself individually while understanding your life better.

After finding the meaning of each number that appears in your life, you start to live that life that you have always desired.

These numbers become so helpful in your life, and you become very successful in different aspects of your life.

This helps you to make better decisions in your life. This is because you can discover your opportunities and have a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

Moreover, you can improve your relationship with your relationship. It shows you whatever you need in a relationship and what your loved ones also need.

On the other hand, it helps you to understand yourself better. You will know your strengths, weaknesses, talents, abilities, potential, etc. With this, you can concentrate on the positives and become more successful in your life.

Numerology shows you what you will face in life in the future. Therefore, you are always ready to encounter what comes your way. Overall, Numerology gives us hope for the future and achieves our plans in the end.

How do I figure out my numerology number?

You can quickly figure out your numerology number by simply making some calculations. It combines different numbers that carry different meanings.

First, try finding out your life path number that shows your real focus on life. This requires you to add the digits of your month, date, and year of birth.

You should add them till you come up with a single digit. This will help you develop your personality number, soul urge number, expression number, and birthday number.

All this involves adding numbers to develop a single number with a unique meaning. After calculating each number, you can check out their meanings from the numerology chart.

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What are the 5 numerology numbers?

There are 5 main numerology numbers that you can find in the numerology chart. This includes;

1. Your life path number

This is the number that brings out what your life will look like. This core number directly impacts the challenges you are going to face in your life.

Also, it influences the opportunities that come your way. It entails who you are and how the character will directly affect your entire life.

The life path number never changes, unlike the other numerology numbers. It is set to remain until the end of your life.

For example, if you were born on October 13, 1992, you will have to narrow this number to a single digit. You start by adding the digits of the month 1+0, which is one.

You can proceed to add the birthday, which is 1+3, which gives you four. The birth year is 1+9+9+2, which is 21. 2+1 is three. When you add all the three digits 1+4+3, it gives you eight. This shows how the person is more of a natural leader.

Read more about life path numbersĀ  here

2. Birthday day number

It would be best to remember that your birth date and birthday are different things. Considering your birthday, you see the day that you are born.

With the example above, it is 13. The birthday number shows how the talent you have will directly impact your life path.

Your destiny comes out during the day that you are born. Therefore, it plays a significant role in your entire life.

If you are born on the 13th, you can concentrate wisely. This is very helpful in your life, but it also has some hindrances.

Those with total concentration can sometimes overwork themselves because they focus so much on their deeds.

The above example shows how your talent will have several effects. Whenever you overwork yourself, you face specific challenges regarding your family and life. On the other hand, a good focus can keep you successful in your career.

3. Expression number

Your life path number shows you the lessons you will learn in your life while offering you a better way to handle them.

The expression numbers allow getting insight into the weaknesses and strengths you have. This will have a more significant influence on the life path.

For example, with an expression number of 2, you are assured of natural passivity. The numerologists usually determine such a number using the letter of your name.

The letters correspond to a number between 1-9. Determining these numbers can be a bit complex since you need to assign a letter to your first, middle, and last name.

From here, you reduce the numbers to a single digit. For example, if you have an expression number of 8, it shows how competitive you are. These people only need to be more disciplined to achieve more incredible things in their lives.

4. Your personality number

This shows the impression that people see in you whenever you meet them. This means that there are certain traits that people can see in you without even hiding them.

The personality number helps you to know whether you are an extrovert or an introvert. You can quickly understand how you are willing to open up with others.

For you to determine this number, you need to use the consonants appearing in your name. You can use the same chart to come up with this.

You get a personality number of 3; it shows charisma and charm. Such people have outgoing personalities and easily attract other people physically.

5. Soul urge number

This number shows whatever you want to achieve in your life. It helps you to discover the reasons why you opt for confident choices.

In other words, it shows all that is with your life path number. Also, it influences the relationships you make regarding your relationship.

It would be best to use the vowels in someone’s name here. For example, if you get a single digit being 1, it shows how you desire to remain independent. This person prefers to dominate their field, which directly impacts their life path number.


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