Life Path Number-Everything You Need To Know

Life path number is one of the fundamentals of numerology. It reveals your identity, including strengths, weaknesses, talents, and ambitions. In this post, I will share with you what a life path number is and how to calculate it.

What is a life path number?

Life path number is considered a substantial numeral which in Chaldean numerology, it is referred to as a destiny number.

It presents concrete facts regarding your personality and the kind of lifestyle you’ll put up. Some of your personality that will be brought to light by your Life Path Number include your resilience, aptitude, imperfections, and aspirations.

How to calculate your life path number

 To calculate a life path number, you start by taking the numerical value of the birthday and summing up all these numerals together: year, month, and day. Continue summing up every one of these numerals jointly till you eventually end up with a single digit.

 Take, for example, your date of birth as September 7, 1996, or 7/9/1996. Begin by lessening the year to a single number by summing its digits. 1+9+9+6 = 25, and 2+5=7.

Considering this, both the month and the day are lone numbers, so let’s sum the values together; 7 for the year + 7 for the day + 7 for the month = 21. Sum the numerals together to get a single numeral: 2+1=3.

 Given your birthday as October 26, 1985, which can also be written as 10/26/1985. To find an individual’s life path, we begin by tallying the digits for the year; 1+9+8+5=23 add again, 2+3=5. For the day, 2+6=8. For the month 10, 1+0=1.

Sum all the year, month, and day values together; 5+8+1=14; 1+4=5. The individual’s life path equals 5.

 Life path number calculation method

 The most appropriate and correct method for calculating life path numbers is simply beginning by tallying both days, months, and years independently and then adding them. Taking, for instance, your date of birth to be November 26, 1999, You can go along and calculate it in this way;

Day; 2+6 =8

Let the month remain as 11 since you don’t lessen master numerals.

Year; 1+9+9+9=28



Sum up all three lessened digits.


2+0=2; hence your Life Path Number is 2.

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 Life Path Number meanings

 We are certain that you’ve asked yourself what your Life Path Number means at some point, right? Below are some of the prevalent attributes connected to every life path number.

 Life Path Number 1

It is extraordinary in its potentiality, persistence, and thus its emphasis on an individual. Its focus is on specific attributes like independence, happiness, and prosperity, which are desirable for a good life.

People with this Life Path always have the urgency to be leaders, while some have the driving force of being inventors.

With Life Path 1, you are urged to be optimistic about the future and have faith in yourself. Challenges in life are always there, but they will always be a motivating factor in achieving your goals.

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 Life path number 2

Individuals belonging to this life number are known for being very peaceful. They are also compassionate, emotional, and private.

These attributes can be advantageous and disadvantageous based on the characteristics used. Since they are reflective and sensitive, they can use their expertise or hold back from using them.

They also work so much better alone, and this way, they are much more constructive. When it comes to their love life, they are committed and caring to their partner, making it easy for them to relate better.

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 Life path number 3

It focuses on groups, community, and collective responsibility. When a person with life path three feels embraced by others, like working together, they feel relaxed and welcomed.

This is because individuals with this life path always want to mingle and promote ties, and hence they do well in friendly environments where they can quickly bond with people and make friendships.

Also, people with this number are good public speakers, artists, and entertainers, and they like sharing their pieces of art with others. Communication is their other key attribute, and through it, they express themselves freely with openness.

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 Life path number 4

People on this life number are realistic, sensible, and reasonable in their thinking. They are also known to be organized and strategic, but they lack efficiency regarding their importance.

These people are hardworking, dedicated, and work purposefully. On top of that, they are truthful, reliable, and honest people you can count on.

They may be very authoritative on the backside when they require someone to do things their way, discouraging others.

Being on the life path makes you responsible and reliable partners in relationships. Another negative trait they have is that they may be vengeful when disappointed or let down.

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 Life path number 5

It emphasizes fostering unconstrained living with much venture and happiness. People with life path 5 are resourceful, ambitious focused, brave, and adaptive.

Individuals with life path five display simplicity by undertaking everything step by step and exploring more information about things within them.

Thus, they are at ease in accepting transformation. They view these changes positively and regard them as an opportunity for improvement into better people.

People with this path number often embrace learning as they move forward and uniquely perform things.

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 Life path number 6 

This number is related to humbleness, love, fondness, and care. A person with this life number is dedicated to serving humankind for an important reason.

They are empathetic towards those hurting and feeble. They get great satisfaction from helping others. People on this life path are very talented, for instance, in arts and other related fields.

They also tend to enter romantic relationships only if the intentions are correct and the relationship has a direction.

Great and understanding parents and partners come from this life path. When it comes to family, they shower them with a lot of love shown back due to their nature.

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Life path number 7

 Its focus is on showing us how human beings with this number begin a journey to get answers to unanswered questions in life.

The driving force for people with these numbers is to understand the truth about matters in life. Among the questions, people with this path number want to know to include how the earth works and the reason for our existence.

They seek to find logic and explanation for these ideas. Also, life path number 7’s is spiritual, instinctive, and mystical. They are also inclined to their spiritual strength.

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 Life path number 8

It is related to those who are innate and productive leaders. They are great administrators who consistently achieve big things, mainly when it comes to monetary and career matters.

A strong intuition also guides them primarily when it comes to their work. People with this life path tend to push others to be great and pursue their goals.

This is why people look up to them and seek advice from them. The disadvantage of having power for them comes in when greed for money overpowers them, and they may end up wasting all they have and losing it all.

They are also great at reading other people, which can be very beneficial when looking for a partner. 

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 Life path number 9

 It refers to embracing change, accepting new onsets, and allowing things to pass with ease. People with life path nine never stop looking for further encounters, more knowledge, conversations, and new ventures.

Interestingly individuals with this life path tend to be more informed and knowledgeable, presumably because life path 9 is a consummation of the other life paths below it.

The people with this number are very innovative, and they are eager to learn, mature, and transform themselves into better people in life.

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  Life path number 11 (master path number 11)

This is also called master part number 11. Apart from just being a source of hope to many, it also becomes a source of strength and brightness to others.

It represents the people who are most gifted with talents and blessed with the ability to attain essential things.

Individuals with life path 11 possess good leadership skills; they are innovative, innate, and convincing. They are also caring about heartwarming and conciliators.

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Life path number 22 (master number 22)

It is more potent than all the other life path numbers because it will bring you victory, skills, and cash.

They have the luxury of many activities to select from depending on what they decide to do in life. They have a picture of what they want to achieve, and thus they follow the path that leads them to their goal.

People on this path are also good at dealing with others. They are responsible for sharing their dreams with others and making them understand what they are trying to achieve. Due to this, they have to be resilient and flexible, which may sometimes pose a challenge.

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Life path number 33 (master number 33)

It is often referred to as a number that shows your fate. People in this life number are rational and intuitive, and they have realistic and lucid dreams, which makes them experience success in life.

They are also kind, hardworking, pitying, sensitive, and loving. Those on this life path are more focused on their spirituality than others.

They are endowed with skills, but it takes determination and tolerance to succeed. Mostly, they are concerned about others which makes them engage in activities such as charity work or volunteering.

Their love life tends to be giving, caring, and adorable for their love life. Most people are drawn to them because of this.

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That is all you need to know about life path numbers, if you want to get your own life path number and a personalized interpretation of it for free, please consider getting a free numerology report today.

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