Karmic Debt-Everything You Need To Know

Karmic debt refers to the lessons and the consequences you will get face in your life because of past mistakes or actions.

This means your personal numerology charts can help shape your destiny, your passion, and even your subconscious struggles. The trials and tribulations you have gone through teach you valuable spiritual lessons.

There are different ways to repay this karmic debt or even balance it. For instance, helping others can help in improving life in different aspects.

Karma is action, work, or deed. It is in close relation to reincarnation. The efforts you’ve made and the decisions you made will have a direct impact on your reality.

Signs of having a karmic debt

-You may notice some weird behaviors and patterns. When you have maybe feared heights, or have joy when doing a particular activity, or a distrust of authority figures, etc. If this behavior is not related to your lifetime now, it’s rooted in your past life.

-You prefer putting others first to your detriment. When you care about others so much, you keep their happiness before yours. But however much you try, it is never enough for them. They always need and want more from you. You are a doormat to people’s happiness, and you can’t just say no.

– Karmic relationships are well known to be part of your life. These are the kinds of relationships that are considered a toxic type of relationship that keeps you feeling exhausted.

Regardless of what kind of a relationship you are in, be it romantic or friendship, this seems to be something normal whenever you are involved. They are harmful and can cause negative effects in the long run.

– Good things tend to happen, then they are followed by bad. For instance, you got some money that you didn’t expect, then you go buy your new car, but you get into an accident while driving. It will be like going one step ahead, the three steps behind.

– When it seems like you are being taken as an example. This is a result of bad behavior. You will always face punishment from time to time. This also shows that the karmic debt is growing instead of reducing.

-When you frequently feel nervous and anxious. You always feel despair and more nervousness because of oppression. You can never move forward. These might keep you concentrating on the past rather than progressing forward.

– When nothing seems to ever go your way. For instance, when you have just applied for a job that you see yourself qualifying for and the means of transport you depended on just failed, or you have bought a new car, then it breaks down. Regardless, everything just seems to go wrong each time.

– With the karmic debt numbers in the numerology chart. It is easier to know that you have a karmic debt by doing calculations. This depends on your birth date, which leads to your life path numbers.

Clearing karmic debt

1. Be grateful

You should be thankful whether you encounter negative or positive experiences you face in your life. When you come to accept that everything in our lives happens for a reason, and you can learn several lessons from them, then you should be grateful for the occasion.

These lessons will help you shape your life in the future after the experience. As much as you are thankful for the excellent experience you had, you should also be grateful for the bad, which means you appreciate it.

2. Acting with love

When you behave negatively, it can lead to bad karma. You should utilize your positive energy and work with love toward everyone, regardless of what they think of you.

By doing this, you steer changes in the correct direction so that they can return as positive things when you experience your karmic cycle.

3. Concentrate on your motives

Doing good things for a selfish reason eliminates the act itself. Before doing something, you should ensure you have the right motives. Ensure that you are not doing it to benefit only yourself.

4. Watch your attitude

You should not only consider your actions, but also you should consider your thoughts on what you want to do. Even your inner thoughts could come up with negative energy that significantly influences your life.

5. You should be forgiving

This is the essential thing to creating positive karma. You should learn to forgive because it assures you of a better outcome.

Though there are times when a person can cause you the greatest mistake that you find hard to ignore, you should still forgive them. When you do this, automatically, you will have good karma in the future.

6. Putting yourself first

You should learn to put yourself first. Putting other people’s happiness may lead to negative karmic dept.

If you place your happiness first, other people will learn to appreciate you, and it will not be exhausting while serve them.

How to calculate the karmic debt number?

Are you familiar with the existence of karmic lessons? If so, there is no need to ponder further. The karmic debt number is easy to calculate. The methods for calculating the number value are as follows:

Date of your birth

Life path number

Personality number

The simplest method is to use your date of birth. If you were born on the 13th, 14th, 16th, or 19th of the month, your number will automatically correspond to one of the four numbers, indicating that you are in debt and must continue to remove bad karma from your life.


Karmic debt number 13/4

Some people call it the karmic debt number 4, this is because 1+3=4. The karmic number 13 has three significant meanings.


If you are in this number, the chances are that you were self-indulgent in your previous life. You were excellent at avoiding the responsibilities you had.

This number signifies that almost everything you achieved in the past life was because of the efforts of others.

According to this number, you should take full responsibility for your actions and focus on the aspects of this life that don’t relate to pleasure.

Lack of self-control

According to this, you were always keen on going after the base urges of your body and mind which made you display little self-control. It is important to come out of this behavior and focus on improving your self-control


Maybe a universal human trait. This shows that you might be done very little in your previous life, and any achievement you had came from other people’s hard work. You should focus on your energy to hard work.

Read more about the 13 karmic debt number here.

Karmic debt number 14/5

This number indicates that you had abused freedom in your past life. It could be by indulging or dominating others.

With such kind of karmic debt, you have to improve your positive traits of being free as you maintain different boundaries and limitations so that you don’t lose your ways. It’s essential to sustain moderate self-control to overcome it.


· Not able to hold onto one relationship

· Changing jobs from time to time

· Struggle with different addictions

· Not able to focus and flow through

· Do not like committing

· A weird sense of dependence

Read more about the 14 karmic debt number here.

Karmic debt number 16/7

This tends to be more challenging to overcome since it signifies a powerful ego in your past life. This relates to past wrongdoings when it is about love.

This number could easily manifest as frequent cycles of breaking your heart and others’ hearts. You could address this as a toxic relationship and try to be honest and loyal.


· Hard to approach

· Love to isolate themselves

· Having an unsuccessful love relationship

· Like to withdraw themselves from the world

· Remain distant mostly

· Do not like connecting with others

· Love keeping their affairs private

· Detach themselves emotionally

· Look down on others

Read more about the 16 karmic debt number here.

Karmic debt number 19/1

This has a direct relation to the abuse of power that happened to your past life, and you cost many a lot of suffering.

It could be that you are selfish, manipulative, narcissistic, and concerned with how you appear in public and perceive success.

This keeps you in a karmic debt so you should learn lessons regarding your independence and support yourself throughout life’s struggles. It is essential for you not to be a victim of bad behaviors and stubbornness.


· Narcissism

· Egoistic

· Selfish

· Intimidate others

· Dependent on others

· Lacking self-confidence

· Stubborn and refuse any help

· Lazy at most times

· Not able to move forward with a good life without no too much dependence

· Lack of leadership and initiative skills

· Co-dependent in their relationships

Read more about the 19 karmic debt number here.

Does everyone have karmic debt?

No, not everyone has a karmic debt, if in your numerology chart you do not have the numbers 13, 14, 16, and 19, it means you do not have a karmic debt.

What does it mean not to have a karmic debt?

This means that from previous experiences, you did not carry any particular lesson that you must learn from your life.

You are free without restrictions, and you can take any direction you see fit. It also means that your conscience is clear, and you do not have anything haunting you physically and mentally.

Having no karmic debt means that your lessons in this lifetime are to learn all lessons as they come up.

You come into this world to learn about the potential and unknown. Be it a good or bad lesson, you should learn from them.


To have a good experience and have everything go your way, you should ensure that you build a positive karmic debt.

So for every action, you take now, know it will haunt you in the next life. So when you do good, your life will be filled with interest, but when you do wrong or harmful things, you will always have challenges overcoming them.

In short, repay, always repay good no matter what other people have done to you. This will also allow you to have a clear conscience in your life. Avoid depending on others for you to succeed, and learn to eat your own sweat.

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