Expression Number-Everything You Need To Know

In Numerology, Your destiny number is there to help you reach your goals, great and small. Destiny numbers differ from life path numbers. Your destiny number is more focused on your traits, character, and destiny. 

What is my expression destiny number?

Suppose you have a problem with your life path number. If you find it does not fit your profile and does not make sense to you, the expression number is here to help you.

It adds more information to your life path number to be able to find your entire identity. The life path number presents to you only a part of your life, only the primary purpose; that is why you need to know your expression number so that it can complement the life path number.

The expression number reveals to you how you will reach your purpose in life, as revealed by the life path number.

For example, if your path in life is 1, which is about leadership, creativity, confidence, implementing new ideas, competition, initiation, and action, it will give more details on how you will achieve these purposes.

The expression number is like the expectations of what you are supposed to do to be able to fulfill your life path purpose. The expression number reveals the following about your life purpose:

  •  How you must behave and change your life.
  • The opportunities you have in your life and the weaknesses limit you from achieving your purpose.
  • How you have been pre-destined to achieve and accomplish your life purpose.
  •  Gives the ideas that can help you to achieve a lot by taking advantage of your life opportunities and experiences.
  •  The career and work best suit your life based on your life path number.

 How to calculate destiny number

To calculate your destiny number, you reduce the full name you were given during the birth as it appears in the official documents such as the birth certificate. There is different numerology that is used to calculate the destiny number.

They are: Gematria, Pythagorean and Chaldean. These methods assign numbers to the letters such that every letter in your name will have a value. You add the value of each letter together to get a sum.

After getting full, you add the digits that make up the sum to get a single digit, which is your destiny number.

The most commonly used method is the Pythagorean method. Assuming that your name is NICKI MINAJ KANE, we will calculate your destiny number.

N + I + C+ K + I

5 + 9 + 3 + 2 + 9= 28

M + I + N + A + J

4 + 9 + 5 + 1 + 1= 20

K + A + N + E

2 + 1 + 5 + 5 = 13

You now have the sum of every name; you add the digits of the sum of every name to get a single digit. In this case, we have Nicki at 28. We add 2 + 8= 10; 1 + 0= 1. For the name Minaj:

 2 + 0= 2. For the name Kane: 1 + 3= 4. You then add all these sums together: 1 + 2 + 4= 7. Your destiny number is seven.

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 Is expression number the same as destiny number?

Destiny number and the expression number mean the same. They tell you what you inspire and what you can become in the future.

They reveal all the skills you have to accomplish in your life by decoding the meaning of the name that your parents gave you during birth.

The name symbolizes the opportunities that you already have or are to come in your lifetime. After calculating your destiny number, you must be wondering about its meaning. They are as follows:

Expression number 1

If you calculated your destiny digit and added to 1, you are meant to be a leader. You are supposed to be an authentic leader in whichever field of life or career you are in.

Destiny number one is all about power; you strive to emerge the best in everything. You always set for yourself high expectations, which you also expect from the people you are leading, which sometimes leads to frustrations when you cannot reach your goals.

People with destiny number one are born to take the initiative and implement new things in their life.

They are expected to be courageous and independent in implementing their innovative ideas. They have a clear purpose and goal for their actions.

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 Expression number 2

Your destiny as a number two is to create good relationships between people by promoting love and harmony among them.

All their lives are based on love for others as they try to relate to themselves and the people they live around.

They are always oriented to serving the more significant cause of diplomacy. Whether it is among the family members, workmates, or friends, they can tolerate and adapt to the nature of every person they come across.

They have an open heart and care for those that they live with. It is tough for them to stay away from people, for they can suffer from depression and pessimism. They are meant to socialize with people.

Their harmonizing character and peacemaking are felt everywhere they go or in any group they participate in.

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Expression number 3

They are oriented to serve the people they live with around them. They were created to heal, inspire, energize, and uplift the spirit of others.

For them to be able to perform this role, they must always act with compassion, optimism, joy, and enthusiasm.

Their character makes them more compatible with creative and romantic spouses. These are primarily writers, painters, musicians, and photographers.

The influence of inspiration and uplifting makes others try out new ideas, take risks, and change because they want them to be creative. They are destined to inspire others to be creative and to support their artistic works.

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 Expression number 4

They are oriented to leaving something that will help the people who are coming after them. They build something that will last for many years and will be beneficial for the generations to come.

They want to make a foundation for security and stability. For example, they will invest their money in a business or in real estate that will last for years. They value honesty a lot, and they are hardworking.

They are a good business partner or even a marriage partner who focus on life goals and are hardworking and practical.

They are orderly, and they can be stubborn in fighting for what they believe in; they cannot be swayed away from their goals.

Their weakness is that it is tough for them to have their own family. They are so sacrificial for what they believe in that they can even die for it. They fear taking risks in everything they do, and they will only make a move when they are sure of it.

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 Expression number 5

They are the agents of change and love to experiment with new things. They are oriented toward helping people adapt to life changes, fighting for their freedom, moving on, and having an adventurous life.

They have freedom a lot since it is the cornerstone of their life; they use freedom to thrive. They are philosophical, intelligent, and spiritually oriented individuals.

They have no fear of the unknown and have a curious mind to explore new solutions and discover new things.

Such individuals have a weakness in getting into many intimate relationships that do not last long, for they believe in better things. Their focus is always on moving forward.

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Expression number 6

They are nurturing and caring individuals, and they are always oriented toward helping others. Their main character is based on love.

They are always searching for new ways that they can use to help others. They use their knowledge, skills, and finances to support the community.

They value serving others and also want other people to embrace that. Their service to others begins to reflect at a young age, and they grow with it till they reach maturity.

They always seek to please people, even if it will cost them. Their life purpose is expressed in loving and serving others.

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 Expression number 7

They love to question things and develop new knowledge to educate people. They value being alone many times to be able to brainstorm ideas and phenomena.

They have a great love of studying, which makes them wise individuals. They use their expressiveness and wisdom to educate others; however, they are arrogant and intolerant. But they are good helpers to humanity and positively impact wherever they go.

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 Expression number 8

They are influential business people in the community due to their hard work and leadership skills.

You need to be responsible and accountable. However, you will always want people around you to recognize you.

It makes you have a competitive mindset with other business owners.  People with destiny number eight strive to get what they want in life; however, they are intolerant and do not trust anyone.

Their commitment to their goals also makes it hard for them to be able to balance their family’s time and business time.

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 Expression number 9

They are philanthropists; they are oriented toward helping others. They have a passion for making the world a better place for the needy and the suppressed to live in.

However, you tend to be impatient as you want to achieve a lot within a short time frame. You are also arrogant as you see the dull people don’t deserve your time.

You feel that you should only interact with people worth your time. This destiny guides you in developing forgiveness and tolerance and to become better like the world you long to create.

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 Expression number 11

They are good communicators; this includes writing. They have interesting information for people, and they can capture their attention.

They are primarily performers in TV shows or actors in movies and plays. They are good leaders as they can influence the support of the audience. However, they can be so selfish.

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 Expression number 22

These people are charismatic and use their charm to attract people’s attention. They take advantage of their charisma to take advantage of people and further their interests.

If they put their mind on something, nothing can prevent them from achieving it very fast. However, they are ignorant and have much greed for power.

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 Expression number 33

They are generous and caring; they are healers and lovers of the world. They offer guidance to people on spiritual comprehension, for they are knowledgeable in spiritual aspects the everyday life and are full of love and compassion.

They have a deep comprehension of the traditional wisdom and connect it to today’s lives, and through that, they can connect people to their lives.

Their commitment to serving people makes them feel overburdened. You cannot be able to change your destiny number.

However, you can be able to improve on your weaknesses. It will help you in achieving your purpose according to your path number.

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